All of our tours are private. You’ll be following an experienced guide who will ride at your own pace. The trails are accessible dirt and gravel roads. Everyone will be aligned into a single file running at a speed that will suit your experience while maintaining a high level of security. We provide one or more guides depending on your driving skills and group size.

We generally depart from our warehouse at Quebrada Amarilla, from where we’ll go directly into dirt roads towards the mountain sides. You will enjoy a beautiful scenery going through cattle fields, farms, small creeks, rivers, bridges, diverse vegetation, small rural towns and other beautiful attractions reflecting the real traditional Costa Rica living. On our way back we take you visit El Tigre farm which has a restaurant resting area for anyone that would like to purchase some drinks, snacks, typical homemade dishes or desserts. This place is a great point to take pictures and is also perfectly setup to make you unwind and relax. You will be able to contemplate the panoramic ocean views and beautiful mountains from their big deck while feeling the breeze swinging in a comfortable hammock.

The 2 hour ATV Tour

Will take you to the scenery of the country side riding by the Tulín River, stopping by
El Tigre Farm

The 4 hour ATV Tour

Goes to a beautiful 30 feet waterfall where you can jump off or just refresh yourself in its natural pool and stops by El Tigre Farm.

What to bring:

Terms and Conditions:

*Comfortable clothing but don’t bring your     favorite T-shirt as you may get dirty!
*Tennis shoes
*Swimming clothes if you are doing the 4 hour Waterfall tour
*Must bring a credit as a vehicle deposit
*Drivers must be 18 years old or 16 years old if experienced drivers and children under 16 must drive in the back.
*Roads may be muddy or dusty



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