A Must-Experience Crocodile River Adventure in Costa Rica!

Pull your boot straps up, because this tour is not for the faint of heart! You will travel approximately 20 minutes away from Vista Guapa to the Tarcoles River. Here you will board a safe, enclosed boat, and be on your way to see some truly amazing creatures and scenery. Winding through the mangrove forest, you will see crocodiles ranging from babies to more than 17ft long! As you know, crocodiles are some of the oldest living relatives to the dinosaurs. Once you lay eyes upon these beasts, you will think the dinosaurs never went extinct! Watch as about 50 different types of birds fly over your head. Marvel at the iguanas that can run on water. Watch the raccoons and mangrove crabs scurry about. You may even see some monkeys, and more! Enjoy the beautiful tropical rainforest scenery, while you admire the sheer force, power, and stealth of these amazing creatures. This trip also offers complimentary water bottles. So what’s not to smile about with your new extra toothy friends?

Tour Attractions

CROCODILES – See all sizes, from babies up to 17 feet long!
EXOTIC BIRDS – Observe up to 50 different kinds in one tour!
MANGROVE FOREST – Cruise through a mangrove canal system!
IGUANAS & LIZARDS – Spot iguanas & lizards that run on water!
RAINFOREST SCENERY – Enjoy views of the tropical rainforest!
JUNGLE WILDLIFE – Spot raccoons, crabs, and monkeys!
NATURE UP-CLOSE – Capture some stunning photos!


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