Vista Guapa Eco-Lodge and Surf retreat offers professional Yoga and Fitness instructing targeted toward beginner, intermediate and advanced levels alike. Our trainers are holistically specialized in nutritional health, body exercises, functional training and the popular Crossfit workouts to offer weekend and weeklong getaways. 

They all have many years of experience, committed to whole body fitness – building routines that guests can take back with them to their homes to sustain and build upon the foundation they establish during their retreat. The mind-body restoration packages include surf lessons, flat water SUP sessions, yoga, personal training and healthy eating. The camp has two decks for yoga and training, one above the pool for a refreshing dip after a tough workout and one high up on the hill to enjoy an asana to a warm breeze and spectacular sunrise or sunset.

“Fitness is not just training,” explains one of our trainers, Gerardo. “It’s a commitment to the body to breathe in fresh air, experience nature, eat and drink the best fruits and vegetables and feel yourself becoming your best self.”

Meet our instructors and check their profiles below with the available classes!


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